Fakultät für
Technische Systeme,
Prozesse und

Studierende im Papiertechnik-Labor

Master Paper Technology

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What it's all about

  • Customize your learning experience by choosing from an array of elective subjects, with support from the industry and the Institute for Paper Technology (IVP).
  • Engage with up-to-date technology and equipment in well-resourced laboratories, creating an environment that fosters creativity and innovation.
  • Small class sizes and approachable professors contribute to a supportive academic atmosphere.
  • Create your own newspaper on a pilot paper machine, while developing your skills through hands-on laboratory work and research projects.

Course Details

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Minerals
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Scientific Writing
  • Recycled Fibers
  • Automation Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of Coating
  • Coating and Barriers
  • General Management
  • Paper Chemistry
  • Paper Machine Technology
  • Automation and Digitalisation
  • Design of Experiments and Statistics
  • Circular Economy
  • Electives - technical and general
  • Master's thesis

Professor im Papiertechnik-Labor
(Foto: D. Kuder)

Our advantages

  • Lectures are given in small groups and in seminar style with integrated exercises. Questions and discussions are encouraged.
  • Some lectures contain built-in laboratory work, presentations, project work, excursions, and company visits.
  • The Master's programme can be carried out part time since many of the activities are offered in blocks. The programme duration, normally four semesters, can be extended for part time studies.

Consecutive Master's degree

Continuing education Master's degree


  • For the consecutive Master's degree programme (three semesters): no tuition fees
  • For the continuing education Master's degree programme (four semesters): 4,000 EUR/semester (subject to change)
  • Semester contribution: approximately 150 EUR per semester
  • Student health insurance (obligatory)
  • Living costs


  • Support in finding accommodation will be provided by the programme coordinator (on-time application required).
  • Orientation Day
  • Pick-up service
  • Career Center at the university
  • German language courses


Start of Master programmes Paper Technology

For your application

Admission requirements

  • At least Bachelor's level in engineering or science (with a minimum of 6 theoretical semesters, and 180 ECTS points)
  • A grade point average of at least with the converted grade "good" (equivalent to the German grading system)
  • Proof of English language skills (for non-native English speakers): TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), corresponding to a current minimum of 80 points in the internet-based test, IELTS corresponding to a current minimum of 6.0 points, or proof that the language of instruction of your Bachelor was English
  • For the continuing education course: proof of at least one year or more of professional experience after the first (Bachelor's) degree.

Application process

Application documents

  • Completed application form
  • Certified copy of Certificate about your university degree (Bachelor degree/ Master degree), with transcript of records and grade, including information on the grading system (maximum grade that can be achieved, and the minimum grade for passing at your university)
  • Certified copy of certificate about your professional experience (1 year min.) after leaving university
  • If necessary a certified copy of certificate about the TOEFL/IELTS-Test or other English language test - or proof that the language of instruction of your Bachelor was English
  • Certified translations of the above if certificates are issued in another language then German or English
  • Curriculum Vitae (incl. information on your high school degree - date)
  • Statement of purpose (why would you like to study PaperTechnology?)
  • Copy of passport
  • Address of consulate at which you will apply for your VISA
  • Preliminary documentation (VPD) of uni-assist (only if available)

Apply now!

Academic Counseling

Professor Dr. Helga Zollner-Croll

Prof. Dr. Helga Zollner-Croll Raum: G 3.34

T +49 89 1265-1547
F +49 89 1265-1560


Nina Kohr Raum: G 3.46

T +49 89 1265-1597
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